Saturday, September 3, 2011

and so the blogging begins!

Forewarning Alert:
I have been told I type like I speak.  I want to apologize for poor comma usage, run-on sentences, "i before e's" and vise versa (I LITERALLY still say that everytime I spell a word involving the two letters), and any other offensive gramatical errors that are, have, and always will be present in the blog. I hope that we are all here not to impose our inner "auto-corrector", but rather to get all up in the world of chic chic things!

Septemeber 4, 2011
10:00 pm
Dear Girlies,

        Welcome to the Morgan Kylee. blog!  It is such a pleasure to have you all here with us.  For those of you who are not familiar with Morgan Kylee.,  I want to fill you in on what we are all about.  Morgan Kylee. is a high-end women's boutique in Buckhead, what some call the heart of Atlanta. I opened the store two weeks ago yesterday...August 19th I believe.  Yes indeed, August the 19th! After a nine month "gestation period" of sorts, the doors, correction, single black door, of Morgan Kylee. opened to the public.  Ever since I can remember, I wanted to open a clothing store, but I always thought of it in the sense of, "If I won the lottery," or "if all the sudden everything was free."  Besically, I never thought I would be doing what I always dreamed of doing.  You know when you hear like every celeb interviewed say that their careers are "dreams come true."  Well, 2 months ago I would have internally telling Selena Gomez to save it and shut it, but now, I am ashamed to say it, and the cynical side of me(that my mom and myself are not always proud of) hates me for saying it, I get it.  I so so get it.  I get to do what I have always dreamed, and there are no words to describe what that feels like.  On that note, I want to encourage any and all of you to really go after what you want.  It is hard, but the end result is so rewarding.  I am rereading this first blog post, and I sound super narcissistic talking about "me" so much.  It will not happen again.  I just wanted to introduce you all to the store, and get to know a little bit of the back story.  It is part of the blog/reader relationship, right?  Can you tell I am a newbie? :)  Thank you for your patience!  OK-BACK ON TRACK...NOW: 95% of my lines cannot be found anywhere else in the city, and the approx. 5% that do overlap with say Nieman's or Sak's, have completely different buys.  Unfortunately for the ATL, yet fortunately for the store, Atlanta's shopping has been pretty below par in comparison to other major populated hubs such as Los Angeles and New York City.  In a city like Atlanta, where a designer like Lily Pulitzer has more star power than say, Rick Owens or Jonathan Saunders, the need for a new boutique is made quite apparent.  Before I continue, I would like to say that I have not a thing against Miss Lily or her Pulitzer, in fact I have definitely sported a neon, floral-patterned dress or six in my day, especially during rush, which, thank gawd, is neither("i" before "e")here nor there.  My point, simply, is that the wide world of fashion, designers, etc. is in fact a wide wide world.  My goal with Morgan Kylee. is to slowly turn Atlanta into a wonderful place to shop.  Now, I am not delusional and I do not think that one store, my store, will put Atlanta on the map.  I do hope that with the recent openings of certain unique boutiques in addition to Morgan Kylee. like Nancy Duffey's, Scout for the Home, and veteran retail staples like Susan Singletary and Momma Peoples', Peoples, that the retail situation here has already started to transform for the better.  We have the restaurants, we have the parks, we are now starting to get the celebs (what with all the filming here that goes on now), we have the hotels, but when one asks where to shop, and the mall is the best answer you have-again, "the need for a new boutique is made quite apparent."  For the record, I would like to both acknowledge and take accountability for the fact that I sound like the ultimate Hotlanta Hater right now, I know, I am not proud of it.  However, I ASSURE you, with all my heart, that I am not, I am, in fact, one of Atlanta's biggest fans.  On a side note, I feel like one of the coolest characteristics of the ATL, is the fact that all of its inhabitants have such an amazing and apparent amount of city pride.  I DIG that :)  BACK ON TRACK...again...starts NOW-I am just calling a shopping spade a shopping spade. While the only Morgan Kylee. store is in Buckhead, and isn't always possible to get to, the blog is an extension of the the store.  We will post about our #style lusts, our #style musts, fabulous finds under x dollars,our favorite things, gifts for boys, where to find the best cheeseburgers(one of my favorite foods), wonderful interviews with fabulous designers, and much much more. Sooo...WELCOME and enjoy the ride!  If you have a topic or question that you want answered or covered by the Morgan Kylee. team, then just ask away!  We look forward to growing with all of you and until next time happy happy Labor Day, wear the crap out of your white jeans, and always remember,

"A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous."
-Coco Chanel
Mrs. Coco Chanel Herself.
She is all business, CLASSY and FABULOUS business!

Best and xxoo,
Morgan Kylee.

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