Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Rick meet Atlanta, Atlanta meet Rick...and get to know him real well.



Hello, Hello Everyone!  I am so so sorry for the delay in posting.  Things have been crazy lately.  New York two weekends in a row, one trip for Fashion Week and one trip for market!  On that note, I have picked up some wonderful new lines for the Spring.  They include Golden Goose, VPL, Robert Clergerie, Michael Angel, and many many more, so get excited for those! One of my goals with Morgan Kylee. is to not only provide wonderful and unique clothes for all you hip ladies, but to also provide knowledge and an inside look into a world that we have unfortunately not been exposed to.  One of the first lines that I got for the store was Rick Owens Lilies and Rick Owens Dark Shadow.  I owe a lot to that line.  When I first start to form a relationship with a vendor, I email or call them.  I introduce myself, and tell them what the store is all about.  They then reply with a list full of questions i.e "what other lines do you carry?"; it is similar to an interview.  They are very cautious about who they sell to, which makes sense because they do not want their beautiful collections next to a line similar to FUBU, especially a man like Rick Owens.   Back to the whole, "I owe a lot to the line"-Once other vendors found out that I was carrying Lilies and Dark Shadow, they wanted in.  Point blank, Rick Owens is THE MAN.  I have an elite group of "THE MAN" men that I refer to quite a bit.  They are basically men who rock in all aspects of life.  They are cool, collected, have their head on straight, are not afraid to be vulnerable (which for any men who may be reading this, is one of the MOST ATTRACTIVE qualities that you can display even though it is one of the hardest), and well...I think you get the idea.  Anyways, that is neither here nor there, it is just part of you getting to know me and my vocabulary.  So back to THE MAN at hand, Rick.  Let's get to know a little about him, shall we?

      Rick Owens was born in 1961, which makes him....approx. 51 years old, which just goes to show that fashion is like tennis.  It is great at any age.  You do not have to be a pretty young thing to be fashionable, just remember that!  Rick, a California native, studied his craft for two years at Otis/Parsons before dropping out to pursue working for various lines and design houses in LA.  In 1994, he started his own line.  He started off selling to a LA Store, Charles Gallay, which is now no longer.  His line was in the company of lines like Alaia and Martin Margiela.  Five years later in 1999, his line landed in one of the most influential fashion literal houses of well....all time, Barney's New York.  Two years later he was recognized by the CFDA with a Perry Ellis award for Emergin Talent.  He moved to Paris one year later and the rest is history.  His early designs created a cult following, and his design now, well they just confirm what the cult is hooked to.  His play with draping, and his eye for the perfect fabric, his attention to a woman's silhouette make what seems so simple, so so...not.  His long hair, and his what has been described as gothic style is a nice juxtaposition to who he really is: a laid back California guy.  He's not afraid to cuss, he has a rockin' bod, and and well, this excert from an interview with the designer in Hint Fashion Magazine says this about "the man",  "His gym body and California-bred conversational ease contrasted with a subversive sartorial style that was, and is, both raw and refined, haunted and haute."  That pretty much sums it up.  Celebrities from Jennifer Anniston to Gwyneth Paltrow covet his pieces and I am just so thrilled and honored to be carrying the line in my store.  His runway collection, Rick Owens, is unREAL and is actually carried in Jeffrey's Atlanta.  So, sticking to my exclusive plan, and also respecting what Jeffrey has built (I mean, no one wants to piss Jeffrey off) I was introduced to Lilies and Dark Shadow.  His Lilies line is divine and Dark Shadow is his denim collection.  His pieces are legends and they are timeless.  So who are we, Southern Belles, to pull of something as cool as a Rick Owens piece?  Well no worries!  In an interview for Net-A-Porter, they ask, "who is Rick Owens woman?" and he answered with, "every woman."  So there you go, while he is dark and edgy, he designs with every woman in mind.  His wife, his muse, Michele Lamy, keeps him focused on the details that make woman swoon.  It is one of those lines that you put on and you immediately have street cred in the fashion world.  Owens' pieces are well worth the steep price tags and they truley will be the items in your closet that you go to all the time.  I hope that you have enjoyed getting to know a little bit about the designer and I look forward to seeing you all soon to get yourself a little piece of history! :)

"Order and Logic with a moment of Madness"

and always remember:
"It's about old HOLLYWOOD glamour but in a RIPPED
T-SHIRT way."
-Rick Owens
(Who else?)


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